Monthly Archives: October 2015

Thanks to Austin Startup Week 2015 for the kick in the butt!

Tomorrow, I’ll jump on a plane and arrive in Austin, Texas for the first time in my life.  A big thanks to Jacqueline and the other Austin Startup Week organizers for setting up the week and inviting me out.  The event organizers were nice enough to pay for my flight down to Austin to check out the event, and the city.  I feel Austin is somewhere I could see myself living and building my business.  I’ll let you know after I visit if I still feel that way.

Sometimes I struggle with procrastination due to perfectionism.  I want everything to be perfect, and since nothing ever is, I don’t end up executing like I should.  This is my first ever blog post on, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while.  I’ve noticed that as motivated as I think I am, when faced with an external deadline or commitment, it increases my ability to execute.  So thanks to the kick in the butt that Austin Startup Week provided, I’ve launched the following websites.  Many are still works in progress or landing pages, but I’m still happy with my progress.  I’ll have to see how I can incorporate external and public commitments to help me prioritize progress over perfection:

Sites online today that would have taken a lot longer had I not been headed to Austin Startup Week:

  • (my business website),
  • (this site — my new blog),
  • (a LaunchRock landing page for a mobile app I’m building that will solve three problems you have with your sex life whether you know it or not)
  • (a LaunchRock landing page for service for friends of hipsters — designed to make your hipster friends’ lives better)
  • (still a work in progress — but an e-commerce site where you can purchase a press pass saving you thousands of dollars in entertainment expenses over your lifetime).